– About Us –

Town design development has more than 10years experience in all areas of planning and can support you at any stage in the process.

We can start by looking at the potential of your site and can advise on the best approach to promote development.

We manage your project from client brief, through concept design to town planning approval and release.

All projects will be predicted on the economic, social and physical considerations of the environment and thus

approval of plans will be determined by our local municipality.


– Services –

• Any building plans required, from Carports to New House plans (3’D plans),

• Submission at councils for approval,

• Land Use Applications for Rezoning, Special Consents, Granny Flat applications (2nd Dwelling),

• Development concepts and layout planning.

• Region plans.

• Acquire Zoning Certificate

• Advice on built environment legislation.

• Township applications.

• Subdivisions and consolidations.

• Removal or amendment of restrictive title conditions.

• Tribunals and appeal cases.

• Collection of geographical information.

• Project co-ordination and management.

• Division of Land Applications

• Removal of Restrictive title deed conditions

• Permission Applications

• Drafting of Building Plans

We are registered with SACPLAN B/8320/2015

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