Town planning service

Why do I need a Town planner?
– If you are a property owner and want to utilize your property for purposes other than what the property is zoned for, then a Town planner compiles an Application (a set of peculiar legal documents) in order to acquire the land use rights that is desired. This Application is then submitted to the Local Authority planning departments for scrutinizing. The Local Authority has the right to approve of reject the Application.
What happens when my application is rejected?
– Normally is an Application is rejected, the Local Authority will provide comments regarding their rejection, otherwise an appeal can be lodged towards the Local Authority planning departments. 
How long does it take to submit an Application?
– The Town planner will compile the set of legal documents and the client need to sign where needed. The Application compilation can take around 4 weeks to submit. After it is submitted to the Local Authority it is circulated to the various planning departments for scrutinizing and comments. This can take up to a year depending on the Local Authority